Mist ME 369: Hair Mist inspired by ROSE ROUGE


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What Is Hair Mist ME by Perfume Me?
Hair mist by “Perfume ME” is our aromatic version of hair mist scented with your favorite fragrance to indulge your hair. A water-based formula that is lighter than your perfume, enriched with a range of hair-nourishing oils. It grants your hair an intensely scented sillage and looks softer and shinier. Hand Made especially for you.

How to Use:
Mist ME 369 (Hair Mist) is made especially as per your request with our inspiration of fragrance ROSE ROUGE
. Turkish rose sparkles majestically in this perfume. Striking embrace with sweet, refreshing, woody and softly earthy aromatic notes imparts another dimension to the rose that can only be described with depth and allure.

Spray a cloud of the hair mist onto your brush, or directly onto your hair, to infuse it with the delicate scent of the fragrance.

Aqua (distilled water), emulsifier, more than 7 hair-nourishing oils, glycerin, preservative (Phenoxyethanol-Paraben-free), and your favorite fragrance (our inspiration of ROSE ROUGE

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