About Us

The Perfume-Me platform offers a selection of similar copies of well-known perfumes, which are manufactured using high-quality ingredients that are similar to high extent to original perfume ingredients and according to the customer’s request, and each perfume bottle is handcrafted with thoughtful proportions and ingredients at reasonable prices. We at Perfume-me are in a relentless pursuit to add many of the perfumes that our dear customer would like to have, with high quality.

Every time we decide to add a new fragrance to our collection, we, in cooperation with our certified suppliers, ask them for samples of replica essential oils manufactured according to their analytical and cognitive expertise. We make efforts to make sure they use the finest ethically sourced perfume ingredients without cost constraints. Then we obtain several samples of each oil from our authorized suppliers. Our team therefore tests samples to ensure that they meet our high standards and expectations. In the event that we are convinced of the quality of the oil and its closeness to the required aromatic smell, we ask the supplier to provide us with specific quantities of those oils. Every product is handcrafted from the ground up.

Our alternatives to similar perfumes are relatively affordable compared to the perfumes traded in the original perfume market. This is mainly due to the savings in marketing and retail costs that we bear while maintaining the quality permanently. Thus, these savings can be reflected on you as a customer of our platform when choosing your favorite perfume.

Through our cooperation with many companies known for their international products that are compatible with international standards and distinguished by high quality levels, we have been able, in the Perfume –me platform, to offer quality alternatives to essential and fragrance oils inspired by a group of perfumes for senior perfumers. These – exclusively – European companies use the best organic, natural and safe synthetics ingredients, and modern technologies for advanced chemical analysis to produce these perfume alternatives. The result is high quality fragrance oils that are very similar to those well-known perfumes.

As is the case with many other different products that are traded globally, and after specialized companies know the basic components of those products and determine the correct manufacturing methods, these companies manufacture the product in a way that is similar to the original product to the extent of congruence in many cases. We as consumers can see this in medicines, various devices and the like.

What is important in these alternatives, regardless of the similarity with known perfumes, is that they are safe alternatives for human use, and this is what we always seek when choosing our raw materials from international companies with credibility in this regard.

For several years since 2017, our team has studied and compared many products of alternative oils manufacturers from many countries. Our goal was to allocate the best premium oils of high quality as total quality was the biggest concern for us. By the end of year 2020, we were able to source the premium material for certain alternative fragrance oils, thus we have decided to enter the market of alternative perfumes.

The total quality of perfumes is not limited to the quality of the oils used only, but also extends to all the ingredients that go into the manufacturing processes of atomized perfumes; on top of which is the quality of alcohol, one of the main ingredients in perfumes. The quality of alcohol is of most important, as its rigorous and uncompromising selection is very important on our platform; It is related to health directly.

All our alternative fragrances are made according to the international standard of proportions, which means the use of ratios ranging from 20 to 30% of the fragrance oils in perfumes production. It should be noted here that all the fragrance oils used are of the premium type, and all the other ingredients, including the bottles, are from Western European countries manufacturers only.

Perfume Me customer will realize that our luxurious and most exclusive products are what they expect for what they pay for. Our perfumes leave that scented trail behind you wherever you go.