Mist ME 234: Hair Mist inspired by SIDE EFFECT INITIO PARFUMS


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What Is Hair Mist ME by Perfume Me?
Hair mist by “Perfume ME” is our aromatic version of hair mist scented with your favorite fragrance to indulge your hair. A water-based formula that is lighter than your perfume, enriched with a range of hair-nourishing oils. It grants your hair an intensely scented sillage and looks softer and shinier. Hand Made especially for you.

How to Use:
Mist ME 234 (Hair Mist) is made especially as per your request with our inspiration of fragrance SIDE EFFECT INITIO PARFUMS. A unique blend of sensual scent, perfect for a beautiful evening.

Spray a cloud of the hair mist onto your brush, or directly onto your hair, to infuse it with the delicate scent of the fragrance.

Aqua (distilled water), emulsifier, more than 7 hair-nourishing oils, glycerin, preservative (Phenoxyethanol-Paraben-free), and your favorite fragrance (our inspiration of SIDE EFFECT INITIO PARFUMS).

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140 gr