Mist ME 427: Body Mist inspired by AHLA SHAY PERFUME


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What Is Mist ME by Perfume Me?
Body mist by “Perfume ME” is our aromatic version of body mist scented with your favorite fragrance to moisturize your body and leave you smelling great and feeling fresh for the day ahead. A water-based formula that is lighter than your perfume and enriched with moisturizing oils. It grants your body an intensely scented sillage. Hand Made for you.

Mist ME 427 (Body Mist) is made especially as per your request with our inspiration of fragrance AHLA SHAY PERFUME. This fragrance exudes serene beauty, evoking the rich heritage of the Middle East. Where the soft and wonderful saffron aroma mixed with the scent of gardenia and ends with the deep and balanced scent of oud.

Aqua (distilled water), emulsifier, body-nourishing oils, glycerin, preservative (Phenoxyethanol-Paraben-free) , and your favorite fragrance (our inspiration of AHLA SHAY PERFUME).

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